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Nowadays, people are experiencing more stress in their lives since the Covid-19 pandemic happened. Many people have lost their jobs, and small and medium businesses are closing down. However, there are the lucky ones who get to keep their jobs and had the opportunity to do their work in the safety of their homes.

But with businesses slowly recuperating and resuming, people might wonder what steps to take for adjustments. To add to that, being cooped up in your homes for months on end may also have taken a toll on your physical and mental health. According to WHO, the new normal for people who work from home, home-schooling, sudden unemployment and the lack of social interaction has made it difficult for many people to get used to the new situation.

These are sudden changes in people’s lives and can be incredibly difficult for people with mental health conditions. Here are some activities that you can do to reconnect with your co-workers, and making work a part of your social life again.

Go on a River Cruise

This activity is best for middle to large groups of people who still need to follow physical distancing but still indulge in a group activity. You could rent a pontoon boat, so everyone could still follow social distancing measures but still indulge in group activities. Other activities that you can do while basking in the waters are fishing and water sports. This will improve your teamwork and will promote camaraderie as well. Just make sure that you are following proper health protocols so you can ensure the safety of all.

Zumba class

Taking a Zumba class with your co-workers can be a fun activity. This will be good in improving and maintaining all of your physical health and, consequently, improve your immune system and overall well-being. And as we all know, having a strong immune system will prove to be advantageous, especially during a pandemic.

There are countless Zumba dance classes and tutorials out there that you and your co-workers can follow. Hiring a Zumba dance instructor can also be an option. The instructor will be able to make adjustments in the routines that will fit more in your group. And since this is a non-contact exercise, you can ensure your safety by following social distancing during the activity.

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Virtual get-togethers

A virtual get-together is essentially an activity for everyone that is held over the internet. With the promising advances of technology throughout the years, people can now communicate faster and easier using online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc. You can play games online together or watch movies and TV series as a group.

Or why not go to places or tourist spots that you can explore virtually together? There are museums, worldwide attractions, and other interesting places that many people would not have been able to visit before the pandemic. Or you can have a chat while enjoying your snacks or meals just like a normal group eat-outs. This way, you can communicate with your co-workers and check up on them.


Humans need social interaction and emotional release. Sometimes, good counseling with an expert is all we need to get on the right track again. If you are an employer, please consider having a counselor that your employers can reach out to with ease. Especially during this pandemic, our lives have been negatively affected in some way.

Some of your employees and co-workers may not be entirely comfortable with sharing what they are going through with everyone. But having an expert in counseling may help them in some way, and it will let them know that they are appreciated, and help can always be available when they are ready. According to Psychological Science, the first results reveal anxiety and depression increased after quarantine and lockdown in March.

We may not know it, but some people that we know and care about can be experiencing these. And one way in dealing is by psychotherapy. There are counseling experts that offer their services through phones so you can also ensure everyone’s safety.

It has been months now since our lives have turned upside down. What’s worse is that no one can know when our normal lives will return to normal. In times like this, our mental and physical health should be of the utmost importance. So remember to check in not only with your friends and family but also with your co-workers and let them know that we are all in this together.

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