COVID-19 Hacks: Keeping Your Home Swimming Pool Safe


Without an inkling of a doubt, having a swimming pool is a great plus. And that goes for any season of the year, especially during the pandemic. When the family is trapped at home on stay-in-place orders, boredom easily sets in, not to mention an inactive lifestyle. The fun and health benefits of a pool by the backyard is too hard to pass up. By winter, keeping your pool from being frozen is important, assuming you still want to use it come summer.

However, a word of warning. Pools, by nature, is a people magnet. Everyone, including your neighbors, will want to have a piece of the fun. It may sound counterintuitive, but safety protocols can be easily forgotten when everyone is having the time of their lives. And there goes the rub. Fortunately, there are ways your brood can enjoy the pool without risking themselves getting infected by the coronavirus. Yes, it’s all worth it. As they say: better safe than sorry.

Dangers of a Pool by Your Backyard

Who doesn’t want to party? It’s true. The situation today is like a powder keg waiting to be light up. Quarantine months of seemingly endless streams of restrictions have only increased the suicide rates in America. All the feelings of loneliness and anxiety staying at home are all bottled up, waiting to explode.

As much as you want to get that adrenaline rush of louder-than-usual rock music and a rowdy crowd, it’s the last thing we need today. The pandemic is still at large. Worse, it’s expected to take in more lives this winter. And with over 200,000 Americans fallen to the virus, it’s a grave threat that we can’t ignore.

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Sadly, a swimming pool can be the very instrument to spread the virus. Partying around it has proven to be the tragic end of many Americans.

Just weeks back, a super spreader event happened in a “Sweet 16” party in New York state. Apparently, events like these are the last thing New York needs. Today, America’s busiest city may have kept the virus under control. But not without paying a huge toll. Already, 33,000 New Yorkers have fallen to the virus.

The “Sweet 16” party happened on September 25 at the posh Miller Place Inn located on Long Island. After the party, 37 people were infected by the coronavirus, and 270 people were forced to quarantine.

Yup, it sounded familiar. A pool party to celebrate a young lady’s 16th birthday. The catch? The party’s organizers didn’t observe social distancing protocols. Moreover, they’ve gone over the limit of 50 people for an event. Over 80 attendees were recorded.

Keeping Your Family Pool Safe from the Virus

With that said, everyone should be on their toes these days. Letting your guard is not only risking yourself. You’re risking the lives of the whole family.

So how do you do it?

Well, first thing’s first. To keep your pool as safe as possible, you need to ensure you keep it safe for use.

On top of the list, make sure that the pool’s pH is just right. Too high a pH can cause skin irritation. Too low, and your chlorine may not be working right.

In this regard, pH control systems using carbon dioxide are spot on. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also 100% natural and non-toxic. Best of all, you won’t need any technician to get things right; you can DIY it.

To note, disinfection is paramount in times of the virus. Disinfectants like chlorine or bromine are your first line of defense against germs.

The good news is chlorine also is effective against coronavirus. Thus, household cleaning agents that contain chlorine, which contains chlorine such as bleach, can disinfect hard surfaces to kill harmful pathogens.

To that end, you can also make the most of sunlight. The rays of the sun have been proven effective in limiting virus activity. Experts found out that UVB light from sunlight can inactivate the coronavirus when found on surfaces. So keeping your home pool open to the morning sun’s rays is wise.

Another key parameter for you is social distancing. You need to limit people first and foremost so people won’t “crowd” your pool. Invite only friends who you know are COVID-19 free and are as healthy as a bee. Most importantly, you need to put a cap on the number of attendees. We recommend you consult your state’s rules on pools and crowding.

Social distancing measures may sound a bit harsh. But it’s always best to look twice before jumping in. When all is said and done, your family’s safety is your priority. During these times, having everyone sleeping safe and sound is definitely a blessing.

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