Survival Pointers for When You Have Too Much on Your Plate

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Sometimes, there is so much to be done that it feels like there isn’t enough time and energy to go around for you to accomplish everything. As obligations continue to pile up, multitasking becomes the norm even though it is hard to juggle different responsibilities and tasks at once. Here are some ways to get some of the load off your shoulders and get things done.


To correctly manage your time and be able to finish everything when needed, give yourself room to allow other people to take over tasks. Proper distribution of responsibility in the household can make everyone more productive. If you live alone, you can make use of services that can help out in daily chores that you need to get done.

For instance, opt for laundry pickup and delivery services that can at least get a responsibility off your plate while assuring you that you’ll always have clean clothes to use with an efficient service. If you have too much to do and can’t allot enough time to comfortably shop for house necessities, order online, or get a personal shopper. These services don’t cost too much and can be an investment worth making for the sake of getting everything accomplished well.

Follow a scheduled to-do list

It’s easier to finish things when you have a list to follow, as it helps keep you on track and prevents you from getting mixed up halfway because of doing everything at once. Part of being able to multitask is mapping out which things can be done simultaneously and what needs to be prioritized.

Since certain things can only be done at specific times, work around those tasks. Figure out which jobs take the longest and in what order you need to get them all wrapped up. This way, you can best use your time and feel less overwhelmed because you have an outline to follow. It can also bring you some mental relief seeing your list of things to do continuously get checked off throughout the day.

Set some time off

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Burning out is a high possibility if you pile too much on yourself consistently. This can affect you, mentally and physically. Plus, it could likely put you out of commission for some time and end up being counterproductive as it stacks more things to do and obligations left unchecked.

Psychologists have noted that better productivity is achieved when you set a time every day where you can stop doing tasks and make sure you allot the time for relaxation and self-care. This allows you to have space each day to prioritize yourself, put things on hold, and allow yourself to recharge so that you can accomplish tasks efficiently the next day. Having this limited period can also help you prioritize, go over everything you need to do, and get motivated to finish things timely.

With these methods of managing multiple tasks, you can feel less burdened with everything in your to-do list. However, it’s also essential not to take on too much and to know when to take a breather.

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