Is there any point in getting braces?

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Often, people think that if they have a mild or moderate alignment that didn’t need treatment when they were a teenager, there is no real point to having their teeth straightened now. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Even mild misalignments can be altered to a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement that is healthier to boot, with the easy and innovative Invisalign in Clapham. This treatment has been finely tuned and altered over the years to bring about many different styles of treatment that mean that each individual is cared for in the right way for them.

Food debris and bad bacteria can become lodged in the hard to reach places that are found with badly cramped or overlapping teeth. Water is less likely to wash away these problems as well, so they can slowly become a cement on teeth called plaque and an even stickier version called tartar.

This is one of the leading causes of enamel erosion and tooth decay, therefore having teeth that can be easily brushed so that plaque and tartar can be removed, people may find that they are less likely to suffer from tooth decay once they have their teeth straightened.

During an accident, teeth that are not in a correct alignment are more susceptible to severe damage that can have lasting implications. Teeth are meant to line up alongside one another with comfortable spacing between them. If they aren’t, there may be adverse reactions during injury.

How long does the treatment take?

It is only a couple of years out of a person’s life and they will enjoy a lifetime of a healthier smile. Most people find that a single year is all they need and some treatments, especially with minor conditions, may only take a few months.

It really depends on each individual person and the complexity of their case as to how long the treatment will last for. During the initial consultation, people will be able to understand more accurately how long the treatment should last for them, as well as discuss the use of a retainer after the treatment has been completed.

What is a retainer?

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A retainer is used to retain the position of teeth, thus safeguarding one’s investment in time and money. It is important to understand that straightened teeth do not remain this way naturally, rather they need to be eased into this position over a number of months.

Ligaments holding the teeth in place react like rubber bands and are liable to snap back into their previous position if not held in place for some time, so that they can relax. The retainer is to be worn often, however it is not as critical that it is worn as frequently as the original aligners should be.

After several months, the patient can begin wearing the retainer less and less until eventually they need only wear it sporadically. A dentist will be able to determine the length of time it is necessary to wear a retainer, as this will alter for each person due to their age and the severity of their misalignment in the first place.

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