Strengthening Relationships in the Comfort of Your Home

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Social distancing is still upon us, even in countries that have maintained zero COVID-19 cases. The words "stay at home" are still echoing in the news and on social media. Because of this, some employees remain to work from home, and students subject to online classes. Unless important, people should stay at home.

Because of this, people can't go out and do their usual activities. People are discouraged to dine in, so gone are the restaurant excursions and working in coffee shops. It's also harder to hang out with friends because, then, the best option is to hang out in someone's house. For some, intentionally getting enough sunlight has not become a habit.

A lot of people relied on these activities to keep themselves sane or to cope with stress. Since then, it's been difficult to do so, compromising people's mental health. According to a study published in September 2020, loneliness was prevalent by 27%. Social support, living with a spouse or a significant other, and living with many adults helped inhibit loneliness.

As the pandemic drags on, people are left to find ways to get these support systems to work their magic.

1. Create an Outdoor Space

For people who do not have an outdoor space in their homes or apartments, it's about time to make one. An awning canopy would already suffice. It's more permanent and durable than assembled canopies. They can be used for the porch or the garden area.

Using a polycarbonate material will serve as protection from the sun while outdoors without completely blocking them off. In a way, the polycarbonate material only diffuses the light. Reliable roof sheeting suppliers can also offer different kinds and colors that will fit the purpose of the canopy.

This can, then, be a multipurpose space. With a bench or a dining table, it can become an outdoor dining space to host guests. It will be the perfect spot because of the open air and the lessened introduction of outsiders to the inside of the home.

It can also be a garden area for plants that can't stand direct sunlight. In the morning, it can be the home gym, perfect for yoga and body weight exercises.

2. Spend More Time With The People You Live With (if any)

Others tend to get so used to the people they live with. This gets to a point that they only see each other a few minutes to an hour in a day. To create a support system and to encourage human connection in the time of COVID-19, consider spending time with each other more. Roommates can set movie nights on weekends. The family can be strict about eating meals together and bonding for a little more time.

This can even be done by simply spending more time outside of individual rooms. Using common areas, such as the kitchen and the living room, can also make people feel like they are not alone. For example, working by the dining table while a roommate is in the living room might already help alleviate stress.

3. Interact With Friends Online

The quarantine feels like everyone is going through a long-distance relationship, may it be romantic or platonic. There might be people who haven't seen a friend for months even though they are just 30 minutes away.

With the blessing of technology, keeping in touch with these people is at our fingertips. Using video conferencing or a messaging app can instantly connect everyone and chat in real-time. Here are fun ways to stay in touch:

  • Create way too many group chats. One group can be for regular talking. A second group chat can be for games. A third group chat can be for projects all of you are working on.
  • Or use Discord. Discord has so many features that make online communication, easier, more organized, and more fun. Instead of countless group chats, people can make channels for different functions. They can even listen to music together using different bots.
  • Play games together. With the presence of smartphones, popular games no longer need a powerful PC. Multi-player games, like PUBG, COD, and Among Us, are available on the smartphone. This makes playing with friends easier.

The situation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is not something people are used to. It requires a little more effort to usually perform simple things. In our relationships, it's important to put in extra work as well. These are tough times that we collectively have to power through. Other people, your friends, and your family are going through the same kind of hardships. Therefore, being there for them might just help them cope with these times.

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