Simple Ways to Unplug from Your Work-from-Home Setup


Work-from-home and homeschool setups have become quite the norm these days. But while it has a lot of advantages, there are also drawbacks involved in it. If you manage your time well, you can take advantage of the opportunity and start taking an online business administration or management course or other career and personality development courses on the Internet.

However, some people have longer hours online and have less personal time for themselves and their families. Having a home and office in the same location comes with the temptation to finish things “quickly” but ends up spending a couple of hours more.

It may sound like you’re a diligent employee, but these extra hours may otherwise harm your performance and work-life balance. You need to learn to unwind regardless of your work location. Your mind and body will be able to disconnect, rest, and recover by following these easy steps.

Have a dedicated work area

A huge percentage of work-from-home individuals claim that having such an area dedicated to working or studying encourages productivity during working or study hours. It is also where you keep all your professional documents so that they do not litter around the house. Your workspace can be decorated in a manner that is distinct from your home theme. Keep all your documents in this area and close it at the end of the day.

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Have a Break Area

If having a designated work area is important, you also need to have a break area from your work area. Offices have break rooms, and some of them have elaborate setups that include gyms, ping pong tables, and others. For your own sanity, create a routine that will take your mind and body away from your workspace for a few minutes a day. During a lunch break, get a proper meal in your kitchen or dining area instead of sitting with a bag of chips in front of your computer.

Communication Control

Technology is handy for remote offices. However, it is also one of the major reasons some people fail to unplug. Work phones should be shut down at a specific time, but many people hesitate to do so. If you share your downtime period, most people are actually very respectful. If you can, delay checking work emails until it is time to work again. Likewise, if it is a non-crisis work-related call, it can be put off until the next working day.

Have a Closing Ritual

Always find ways to mark clearly that your workday has ended. An example of this is the driveway rule. If you work from home and your partner commutes, you can use their arrival to cease all work-related matters. It will help you plan your day better and use your time management skills. You may also dress for work like you’d commute to work and then change your clothes at the end of the day like a regular office worker does when they arrive home for the night.

Keep in mind that you can do anything when you work from home, but not everything. Some people find it hard to adjust how much they are working, but you can at least make little changes so that your mind and body can recover from the long days. So, take time to rest and recover physically and mentally. With these little steps, you’ll set yourself up for a better work-life balance, more productive workdays, and healthier life.

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