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Several years ago, it would be ludicrous to believe that a patient can straighten their teeth on their own terms. That they could eat the foods they liked, that they could straighten their teeth without anyone needing to know about it and that they could confidently smile for wedding or prom pictures without flashing metal.

But these days, Invisalign in Weybridge offers these options and more for their patients with the guarantee that they will enjoy a healthier and more attractive smile in an average of a year’s time.

This treatment takes advantage of an innovative scanning system called the iTero element scan. This scan can digitally pinpoint the exact way in which teeth are misaligned and compute the correct movement that teeth must make as well as the length of time needed to shift teeth into this position. It gives patients a unique opportunity to watch their teeth shift into their correct position, giving a visual representation of the teeth straightening journey they are about to undergo.

Great to allow people to visualize their results, this scanner is also used to great effect to ensure that treatment is as effective as it can be in a minimal amount of time. The movement is broken up into 2-week slots and moulds are made from this to be given and worn by the patient over the coming months.

Are there any disadvantages to this treatment?

It’s important to have a realistic expectation of the teeth straightening journey as it is tempting to get carried away with the idea that a removable device gives freedom to the amount of time that it can and should be worn.

Aiming at about 22 hours a day to be worn, this gives time only for people to eat and to follow their strict oral hygiene measures that are required to ensure no bad breath or build-up of bacteria during the treatment process. Although they are removable, this is only significantly advantageous for eating, meaning that people don’t need to restrict what they eat.

Commonly, people notice that they eat less, because it is difficult to go through the rigmarole of removing the aligners and brushing teeth before replacing them again for a sneaky snack. This can be deemed as a positive influence, depending on a person’s willingness to eat healthier and reducing their snacking habits.

An overall impression

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Whatever treatment is chosen to join an individual on their teeth straightening journey, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages. By discussing them with friends, family, and with a dentist who has their best interests at heart, patients can weigh up their options to determine what they believe to be the best course of action for them.

Straightening teeth is a positive undertaking and is bound to improve not only one’s confidence, but the appearance and health of a smile as well. By taking this all into account, it’s not uncommon for someone to simply wish they made the decision sooner to correct the alignment of their teeth.

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