Safe and Sound: Ways of Securing Your Home

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A regular house becomes a home the moment we feel like it's ours in every sense of the word. That is when we’ve left traces of ourselves in every corner of every room. Doing so takes away the sterility of a brand new home with the use of personalization.

This magical transformation also happens when we start feeling comfortable and secure in the house. Now, this feat is much more challenging to achieve than the former, considering the number of would-be villains out there, but it isn’t impossible. Here are some ways to secure our properties and prevent crimes from occurring on the premises.

Check the Locks

The first order of business when moving into a new house is to replace all the locks. It is the best way to mitigate burglary since only the people you trust will have copies of the door keys. We should also make it a habit to lock all the doors and windows at night and when we’re going out. Including it in our routines is one of our safest bets of preventing people from walking into our homes without permission.

Upgrade Fencing

Fences act as deterrents as well. For example, metal fence panels act as great privacy shields but need to be improved upon so that they can stop any person with ill-intent from entering through any side of a property. 

A way to do so is by increasing the height of the fencing itself. If this can’t be done due to state regulations, we can consider other means, like applying anti-climb paint. It is an oil-based paint that adheres to the surface it's used on but never appears to dry, which makes it slick regardless of weather conditions. 

Install Security System

Among the solutions available on the market, the most efficient one is the installation of a smart security system that allows us to see every part of our home, including the outdoors.

A typical security system includes CCTV cameras in the set, but other features may differ depending on the company we purchase the system from. One of the most popular features right now are door and window sensors. If a door is forcibly opened or a window smashed, the system will sound the sirens to alert people nearby while also calling the local police.

Considering how advanced these systems are, it isn’t surprising that they’re quite pricey as well. As much as we wish our homes to be safe, we also have to take into account our budgets. All isn’t lost, though, since there are more affordable alternatives.

  • Motion Lights

As its name suggests, motion lights are activated when movement is detected within their affixed radius. This type of security system works best when we’re at home since it will automatically alert us of uninvited presence on our property. It also works if we ask a neighbor to look over our home when we’re away.

  • Fixture Upgrades

Doors and windows are common entry points in burglary, which highlights the need to reinforce them against breaking. To prevent doors from being kicked down, we can replace the deadbolt plates and hinges. If we have money to spare, we can also exchange our doors for ones made from sturdier materials like oak or walnut.

When it comes to windows, a great deterrent would be bars and grills to stop easy access. Some homeowners also choose to use tinted glasses so that the interior of the home isn’t easily seen. Are you splurging? There are anti-theft windows available that aren’t so easy to shatter.

Safety should always be the top priority in your house. With the tips mentioned above, you can provide better security for your home and fewer worries for your loved ones.

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