Breaking Free from Conventional First Date Venues


First dates are daunting because of people’s misconception that they have to put their best foot forward. In effect, they become aware of their every single mistake and become edgy. What if you have your chance to have another first date? This one looks promising. After all, it is a choice by a reputable and intuitive matchmaker in Washington, D.C. How will you make a difference?

The answer lies in the venue. Common sit-down dates at restaurants somehow mimic an interview for a job. Want to lose those nerves and be your authentic self? Try these first date ideas:

Keep the Ball Rolling

Bowling will keep the spirit high the whole time on your first date. You both do not have to worry about having awkward silence. Both of you will be busy engaging in healthy competition. Not too adept in bowling? This will give a funny turn to your date. You will see if your date is a good sport and has a good sense of humor. Grab a light snack after your match.

Put Your Thinking Hats Together

Escape rooms are becoming a trend nowadays. This is a great place to spend your first date. You will learn to trust each other and also to give and take. One person cannot always dominate the decisions. If you see that your date’s idea is better, follow their leading. You have to work together and plan for you to find your way out. Have a satisfying meal to congratulate yourselves after you break free from the room.

Spend Meaningful Time Beyond Yourselves

One way to make your first date not about yourselves is to volunteer. Look for a nearby animal shelter, senior center, or soup kitchen. Without having to ask, you will see what your date values. You will also see how they interact with others in an unplanned setting. Also, the two of you were able to make a lot of difference in the lives of others. You can have a sumptuous dinner after, if you are still not too tired.

Tap Your Inner Child

couple date at amusement park

If you are leaning on a carefree date, you can try an amusement park date. There are many rides that you can try together. Time will pass by quickly as you enjoy each other’s company. Try all the amusement park’s snacks. It is also a good way to relax. Both of you have different stressors in your daily lives. A first date does not have to add to it.

Share Perspectives

Getting in a philosophical discussion right off the bat may be awkward for a first date. But this will not be the case if you go to a museum. As you appreciate the art pieces, you can share your perspective on these. Abstract paintings are a good subject for such discussions. You can exchange ideas on how these paintings make you feel.

You will also see how your date surveys things. Do they glance at it and form their opinion? Or do they stop and scrutinize every aspect? Cafes are available nearby museums if you want a more thorough discussion or have a bite.

The key here is to agree on where you will go on your first date. Make sure that both of you will have a grand time. Maybe this will lead to a second one.

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