How the right worktop can upgrade the quality of a kitchen

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When lifestyle needs change, whether it be wanting more living space or more functionality in a home, homeowners have two choices: relocate or renovate. When it comes to the latter choice, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two main interior rooms that most often form the focus of refurbishment.

According to latest available industry figures, 51 percent of homeowners plan on updating their kitchens. This statistic is not surprising considering that the kitchen arguably sees the most traffic than any other room in the house.

In determining the quality a kitchen can have on one one’s lifestyle, not many homeowners are aware that the worktop design, including the materials used, is a critical factor. The choice in worktop surfaces has to answer to a number of deliverables such as space (for work and storage), aesthetics, easy stress-free maintenance, affordability and practicality.

In addition to its practical value as a workspace, a well-designed worktop can also serve the needs for more storage space. Worktops can house frequently used appliances, putting them within easy reach during meal preparation.

Seen in the light that worktops, more than any other piece of furniture, consumes the most space in terms of visual real estate, it can be rightly assumed that they are the main event in a kitchen. It is with this thought in mind that choice in materials should be a key priority when looking at options.

Why choose wood

The availability of choice in a market, no matter the industry, is good news for the consumer but it can also lead to feeling overwhelmed when having to make a purchasing decision. Consumers have to carefully sift through the pros and cons of each option to find the one that closely meets all their priority areas. A Walnut worktop UK, for example, can convey:

  • Rich timeless appeal
  • Full of character and unique natural beauty that improves with age
  • Durability
  • Comparatively less dense than alternative options like stone which affords it better sound quality.
  • Affordability

wood kitchen counters

One of the biggest advantages of opting for wood is that the material can seamlessly fit into any kitchen design or style, from country to contemporary. Next to being an excellent work surface, as a natural material, wood is also an environmentally-friendly choice. In a world where going green is fast becoming a matter of urgency, there is no better time to rethink an investment in wood furniture. Not only is wood 100 percent biodegradable, it is great for retaining heat.

Unlike man-made materials, natural alternatives have been backed by psychological research to offer a stress-reducing effect on people that is similar to being out in nature. Green choices in furniture materials can create a soothing atmosphere that has positive benefits for mental health. One can experience the calming and relaxing effect of wood as well as the warmth and welcoming homeliness it contributes to a home’s look and feel.

For more information or for a great selection of high-quality wood worktops including Walnut worktops, contact House of Worktops, the home of ethically-sourced and aesthetically pleasing worktops.

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