Planning Your Dream Nuptials and Making It Memorable

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Many people dream about an unforgettable wedding, but few people realize that events like this take so much time and money to plan. You would not want to skimp on a day that comes once in a lifetime, but consider the peace of mind that comes with planning a wedding within your budget. Here are ways to have the wedding of your dreams while being on a budget.

The first and most crucial step is having and planning your budget.

First, there should be a healthy and informative discussion between future spouses on how much they are willing to spend on the wedding.

Couples should ask themselves:

  • What type of wedding do we want?
  • How many guests should we invite?
  • What are the things we need to be there on that special day?

This conversation will give you a rough idea of how much you should shell out to achieve the wedding you want. Sort out where the money will come from, but be careful not to deplete your entire savings for just one day. With a budget in mind, you can then estimate the guest list and how much food and drinks to prepare for the reception.

With more people invited it is expected that you will pay more to accommodate them. If the catering company you choose will give you a higher price for each person, this will affect your guest list. When the budget is tight, and there’s not a lot of room to adjust the guest list, Keep in mind that the wedding is an intimate affair, and at the end of the day, you will only need your closest family and friends to be there.

Invitations and Wedding Giveaways.

Once the guest list and the catering are arranged, you can now move on to more interesting details such as invitations and wedding giveaways. In the past, invitations are always made to look expensive and elegant, and they were always sent by mail to the guest’s address.

Nowadays, with technology, we can send invitations through email or social media. This will save you a lot of money in postage and printing, but if you want to be traditional, you could still send an invite through the post.

As for giveaways, choose something to hand-make yourself if you have a lot of time or order in bulk online. There are a lot of shops that can customize your request and give you a lower price.

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The Location of the Wedding.

The wedding location or venue is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of wedding planning. Some people book for years in advance just because they like the aesthetic of a particular place. This makes more well-known locations extremely expensive, and at times, not even worth the price.

In choosing a venue, it is essential to weigh the price value of that venue and the experience you will be getting. Do not overdo the venue, but you should not be super cheap with this aspect either.

Wedding Dress.

The most important thing that she can have on her wedding day is her wedding dress for a bride. However, most dresses have astronomical prices, and the fact that you will only wear this once in your life does not help either.

Before even beginning to search for a wedding dress that will suit you, you should research what type of dresses you like. This saves you time and money and helps you avoid second-guessing your decision.

In choosing a wedding dress, a life hack to remember is to shop online for those on sale and avoid custom alterations as these changes often lead to more fees. Once you have zeroed in on a dress, It’s now time to choose the veil, the jewelry, and shoes that come with it. Make sure you have enough money in your budget left for them.


Decorations play an essential part in any life event, and a wedding is no exception. Candles and flowers can cause a significant amount, but you can always go around this and shop for them yourself.

There are many great deals if you shop online, but a downside to this is that they are usually not available right away. This means that careful planning and estimating the shipping of these items is a key part of saving a lot.

A wedding is a life event that not many people experience, but this doesn’t mean that splurging on it is the best way to go. The wedding is as simple as you make it, and having a budget-friendly wedding is possible. Just remember that this is a celebration of love and commitment and that alone is priceless.

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