Pests and Pets: Dealing with Animals in a Humane Way

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Pets have been essential to civilization. Cats and dogs, for example, have been great companions throughout history and have assisted us in many ways. Unfortunately, though animals have helped human beings in many ways, people have not repaid them in the same way. Animal cruelty existed since animals and humans shared the same habitats and environments.

Animals as Pests

This sharing of habitat has led to a love-hate relationship between animals and human beings. Though we have domesticated horses, cats and dogs, some animals have become pests.

These animals often live in the fringes of human civilization and live off on the waste and garbage of human cities. As a result, they could cause disease and death and have often been blamed for plagues. Thankfully, there are humane measures that can help in dealing with pests.

Rats and mice, for example, are considered pests by many people. But if you prefer a more humane approach to getting rid of pests, then there are ways you could rid them off your property without hurting them. Pest control around New England, for instance, encourages homeowners to seal off entry points and to use live traps.

A humane method of control involves electric repellants that emit high-frequency sound waves, annoying rodents within the vicinity. The sounds they make are also an annoyance to other animals, so it is best for homeowners with no pet dogs and cats.

Another very humane option is one that may not cause the least pain but benefits another animal. Having a pet cat is a great way to control rodent populations and is a natural repellant for most rodent pests.

Pests and Pets

Animal Cruelty

But pests are not an excuse to commit cruelty to animals. Some people abuse animals and harm them for a multitude of reasons. This depends on the country, region, and culture, as some countries follow traditional practices that other countries deem as cruelty. This makes animal cruelty harder to bring to public attention.

One form of animal abuse that has a long tradition in many countries comes in the form of organized cockfighting and dogfighting. Some states allow cockfighting, but dogfights are considered illegal in many countries.

Some people can cause harm to animals unintentionally too. Hoarders, for example, adopt more animals than they can care for, which often leads to neglect and illness. The animals that hoarders collect develop illnesses and are often undernourished.

Being Human Means Being Humane

The Humane Society of the United States pushes for better implementation of animal cruelty laws as well as providing training for officials in detecting such crimes.

In 2016, the FBI included cruelty to animals as one of the categories in the Uniform Crime Report; the data generated by this can help law enforcement understand animal abuse as well as the best enforcement and intervention strategies.

You can remove pests from your property but still be an animal lover. The removal of rodents and other wild animals on your property need not be cruel. You can still care for all animals, whether they’re pets or pests.

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