Housework and Chores Can Keep You Sane in a Pandemic


The pandemic has limited people’s ability to move in the wider world and has made the four walls of their homes the center of their existence. The internet and social media might provide some link to the world outside, but if there is anything that this pandemic has revealed, it is that human beings need daily social interaction not only to work, but also to stay mentally healthy.

For many people, housework is always a bore, something that needs to be done but rarely done for enjoyment, exercise or quality time with family. But many now are using chores as a way to stay fit, connect with family members, and even to stay sane. Here are some activities that could help you stay focused and healthy even when you’re locked down in your home.

Paint the Walls

You can change the mood and atmosphere of your home with a new color for your walls. You could paint one room first, such as the family room or the living room. Painting the shared spaces first still allows people to still have their alone time in their rooms.

Choose a neutral color such as ecru or beige to give your room some warmth instead of sterile white walls. You could also choose gray, but make sure that you have complementary bright colors such as blue or yellow to make the room less dull.

Renovate Your Entry Points

We all want to make our homes less accessible to intruders and other dangers, and this includes making sure that we have the right ventilation but proper security when it comes to the entry points in our homes. You could change the locks and knobs of your doors and windows, or simply clean them to make sure they are sanitized.

You could also try to change your windows and doors. If you want to save space and retain some privacy, you could change to sliding doors or folding doors for your closets or indoor rooms. Go online and look for a door shop that provides a delivery service so you won’t have to leave your home. Renovating doors and windows can be a difficult job, so if you want a house DIY project that would last a quarantine period, this would be it.

Do the Dishes Together

washing the dishes

Eating is something families love to do together, but sometimes cleaning up and washing up is something only moms and dads do. Why not ask the children to do this chore together? One could do the rinsing, another could do the soaping, and someone else could wipe it dry and store them in the dish rack.

Some people think that doing the dishes will waste water, but it is more energy-efficient than using a dishwasher to do the job. It also encourages families to cooperate and communicate positively.

Build a Home Garden

You don’t have to concentrate on what you could do inside your home. You could also do something in the immediate vicinity of your home, such as your lawn or backyard. Start a home garden with your family, and grow carrots, cabbages, tomatoes and even sunflowers. You could choose plants and herbs that¬†would be easy for children to cultivate such as mint and potatoes.

You could also start composting organic waste such as dead leaves and rotting fruits and vegetables. This activity also helps young children understand ecology and the value of sustainable living.

The four walls of your home can be confining, but that doesn’t mean you should just become a couch potato and do nothing during lockdown. You can still stay healthy, active and develop a closer relationship with your family if you see house chores in a different light.

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