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Opening your own practice can be incredibly stressful and there is plenty to organise before even thinking about opening your doors to your future patients. Whilst you are busy making sure that everything is in order, it can be difficult to find enough time to dedicate to advertising your practice online. Creating a website and online presence can be extremely time-consuming, especially when trying to achieve a top Google result spot, which is definitely where you want your practice to be. It has been proven that over ninety per cent of people searching for something on Google never click past page one, so if your practice does not appear on that first page then there is a good chance that it will go unnoticed. If this sounds daunting and you are beginning to panic that your practice’s website will be lost in the depths of the internet then it may be a good idea to get a professional to help you with your dental marketing. They will be skilled at what they do and know how to boost your Google ranking effectively with tested strategies, and it will also free up a lot more time for you to focus on other important aspects of your practice.

Does your practice stand out from the rest?

It is easy these days for a website to become lost amongst other similar websites, but appearing on page two or three of Google’s results page will certainly cost you new patients. Instead of getting frustrated at your website’s ranking, speak to a professional to find out what they can do to help improve your situation. They will be able to explain features to you to help make sure that you stand out from your competitors such as the utilisation of keywords. Keywords are important when it comes to achieving a top Google result spot. Often people are searching for things such as ‘what are veneers?’ or ‘emergency dentist near me’, so using keywords that are similar to these will ensure that your website appears when people search for them. Your location is also important to use in unison with keywords, as more often than not people are searching for a dental practice that is local to them.

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Can people view your site from a mobile device?

As well as striving to achieve a top Google result spot a professional knows the importance of having a website that can be accessed easily from a mobile device. Desktop sites are difficult to navigate from a mobile device and someone is likely to turn to an alternate site if the site they are trying to look at has not been adapted for mobile use. These days fifty per cent of people are using a mobile device when they search for something, so not having a mobile friendly website could severely reduce the amount of future patients that you are reaching. In addition to this, Google optimises the results that it produces for people, so if they are searching from a mobile device then the top results that Google provides are also likely to be mobile friendly sites.

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