The Different Journey of First-time Parenting: Where to Get Support


Starting a family is a dream come true for the average person. People often plan their ideal wedding, living situation, and the number of kids they want to raise. They spend most of their lives trying to achieve that goal, along with career and health improvement. While weddings and living scenarios often come easy, raising a child is on a different level. First-time parents take on a responsibility that they might not be ready to take despite months or years of preparation. Your days will be full of sleepless nights because of a crying baby for reasons you do not know.

Raising a child is the ultimate responsibility, which means everything you do for the next 18 years has a significant bearing on that specific task. Unfortunately, the scenario could break you if you do not seek proper support. Fortunately, these people can help guide you to the right path of becoming a first-time parent.

Your Parents

Raising a child for the first time forces you into a scenario written in almost every parenting book you find. Those educational pieces allow you to prepare for what’s about to come when welcoming a child into the world. However, your preparations might not be enough for reality. The sounds of wailing and crying fill up your corridors and rooms, forcing you to get up from bed despite not having the chance to sleep yet. The scenario could happen every day, even multiple times in a couple of hours.

When all hope is lost, you have to seek support from people who already have experience in the area. Your parents took care of you and suffered from the same situation you find yourself in now. If there is anyone capable of guiding you, they are your top choice. Your parents can provide you with tips and hacks for specific scenarios, which can be a nostalgic trip down memory lane. They can also serve as temporary babysitters to relieve you of your parenting duties for a night, making them your top choices when seeking support for first-time parenting.

Parent Friends

parent friends

Your parents are your top choices, but they might not be readily available when you need them. They might be far away when you need them the most, isolating you from the support they can provide. Depending on the people closest to you might be necessary, which is where your friends can help. Friends that are parents themselves can provide you with helpful tips, especially when you think of them as responsible adults.

However, they do not have the answers for everything. Both of you are almost at the same level of parenthood, so it will be better to think of the support as a partnership. Exchanging information, tips, and hacks could develop both sides into becoming more responsible parents. Knowing that someone in your social circle is experiencing the same situation as you can lessen your burden, making it possible to take on the challenge and improve.


Health is the top priority when it comes to raising a child. Common illnesses could be fatal for a baby because they have yet to develop the immune system that teens and adults enjoy. The children’s cries might be an indication that they are not feeling well. Those situations should concern you, but you might not have all the remedies and treatment because babies cannot explain what illness makes them suffer. Fortunately, taking your kid to a pediatrician can help you provide treatment.

Among the many professionals to support you as a first-time parent, the pediatrician is the most critical person. Should anything happen to your child’s health, you should consider a trip to the doctor. Getting contact information also allows you to identify solutions in real-time. However, try to avoid calling them after working hours.


Becoming a first-time parent can be challenging despite gathering as much support as you can. The situation can break you, leading to depression because of sleepless nights and nonstop responsibilities. Looking after your mental health should be a top priority, making it necessary to hire a therapist.

Getting emotional baggage out of your system can lessen the burden of your parental duties. But your busy schedule might not provide you with enough time to seek counseling. Fortunately, psychotherapy webinars are available to help you become mentally healthy.

Every parent goes through a rough first-time experience. However, there remains room for improvement. Your goal should focus on becoming better by the day, even if it feels like an impossible feat. Fortunately, getting support from these people can forge your path to becoming a more responsible parent.

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