You’re Never Weak for Asking for Help

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The Virgo season is upon us, and it’s close to the end. Virgos tend to get a bad rap. They’re too organized, nit-picky, high-maintenance, and their favorite lines are “You are wrong” and “I told you so.” Because they’re the perfectionist of the bunch, they’re most likely to spread themselves too thin in their conquest to make everything fall into place.

When it’s their season, the culture is that these traits will apply to almost everyone as well. However, you don’t need to believe in astrology to realize that you may have been overworking yourself and being everything to everyone.

While the belief of “You can be anything you want to be” is good, taking it over the top takes a toll on your well-being. First, it messes up with the balance of your life. Second, you’re not giving yourself enough rest. Third, you might be neglecting yourself.

So, stop what you’re doing. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. How much time have you had for rest the past few days? How many more tasks are there?

Most of all, will you be able to keep up? It’s fine if the answer is “no” because you can always ask for help. Sometimes, that’s the best gift you can give yourself.

Home Services

As much as you would like to do everything and be anything you can be, there are things that you can leave to the experts. Sure, the internet is a library for DIY hacks, but that would also mean taking more time to learn how to repair or install something. In the end, that would be more time and effort wasted on your part, compared to hiring someone who specializes in that area.

When you give the job to the experts, the quality of the project is guaranteed to be durable. The home is also safer. Contacting roof repair services means that there will be no leakages that can cause molds in your ceiling, compromising air quality. To get ready for the rainy season, you should ensure that the metal gutter protection is still in place to avoid damages on the roof lining, especially when its wood. If you notice some critters hanging around inside the house, calling pest control makes sure that they wipe out every single one. Thus, calling the professionals benefits the safety of your home as well as your health.

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Call a Friend

On bad days, you might find yourself thinking that you’re alone. While in the middle of a pandemic, the best you can do is call a friend, whether it is video or voice call. This will not only help you but also your friend, as people are generally going through some kind of pandemic-induced stress.

Talking to someone about your feelings is like purging. That’s why the phrase “bottle up your feelings” exists because the more people keep their emotions to themselves, the more disturbing it can be until the brain can no longer handle it. As a result, the person explodes. As a Medium article puts it:

“Emotion registers in a dumb, unthinking part of the brain. It’s only when we bring it up to the front, smart part of our brain and put language around it that we can make sense of it.”

Calling a friend can help you make sense of what you’re feeling. Because language requires structure, it would also mean you would need to apply this to your feelings while speaking out. You give it a name: sad, happy, scared, or worried. Then, it will be easier to deal with.

Learn to Ask for Help

There is a lot of forces that lead to asking for help or the resistance to do so. Knowing to admit to yourself that you need help requires vulnerability and admitting your weak spots. In relationships, for example, the fear of vulnerability blocks the way for intimacy and genuine communication. There’s a fear of rejection or misunderstanding that comes from this, and people don’t want to feel like they’ve been run over a truck.

This is why it’s important to note that asking for help doesn’t mean losing and letting your guard down. It’s a sign of healthy self-awareness because you value yourself enough to recognize you need a break. Taking a break means so many things. It can be going back to your hobby, traveling, or learning a recipe. Maybe you also need a full eight hours of sleep to prepare you for an important client meeting or finish a project. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help to give yourself room to breathe.

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