Why Do We Love Staying in Hotels?

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Before the pandemic wreaked havoc into our lives, plenty of families and couples are going on staycations. Generally, it means not going far from where you live but staying in a nice hotel, Airbnb, or villa. Yet, many people frown at hotel rooms. They say that these are impersonal and that they cannot sleep well in hotel beds. You will think they have something up their sleeves, but the number of staycations during pre-pandemic times shows a completely different scenario. People, in fact, love staying in hotels. There is no doubt about it.

For one thing, hotels feel a lot different than your home. If you’ve ever stayed at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, you know that hotels are not the usual bad bed and an even worse breakfast buffet that some people make them out to be. The hospitality interior design used in many of the five-star hotels and restaurants worldwide, and specifically in tourist sites, will make you think twice about saying no to a staycation.

That “New” Feeling

There’s something new and fresh about staying in hotels. Sure, you’re probably the 1000th person to stay in that room in the past year, but new lines and clean bathrooms contribute to the newness and freshness of the place. How many times have you seen your bedroom that clean in the past year? How many times have you climbed to bed only to find a morsel of potato chip you munched on the night before in the covers?

Having “Personal Butlers”

Staying in hotels feels like you have your own personal staff looking after you. Someone is going to clean the room, and someone is going to prepare your breakfast. You can either go to the café to take your breakfast or call for room service. Good and attentive hotel staff can really make vacationers feel at home. They make sure that you are well-taken-care-of and that you won’t want for anything. With a tap of your finger, someone’s going to answer the phone and find a way to address your demands.

“VIP” Feeling

There’s nothing like staying in a hotel to make you feel important. Hotels are some of the best in terms of making customers feel appreciated and valued. They make sure that you have everything you want. They even go beyond their duties to provide you with whatever you are looking for—spa, massage, private car service, tour guides, and many more.

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Amenities Beyond Your Imagination

If you stay in a five-star hotel, you will have access to some of the best amenities hotels have to offer. They have a spa, sauna, personal masseuse, bars, 24/7 kitchen, gym, pedicurist, and so much more. They will pamper you to no end until you never want to go home again. The kind of amenities you usually find in hotels will make you feel like you’re in your own little paradise.

The Buffet Spread

Hotel buffets are famous for their expansive menu. You can find European fares, Asian dishes, American comfort food, and sugary treats worldwide. The chefs can whip up any dish you want—a Singaporean Laksa? An Indonesian Nasi Goreng? Name it, and they have it in their pantry. If you’re a foodie, you’ll want to spend your time in a hotel at least once in a while. You’ll get to savor chef specialties and international dishes you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere.

Everything Is About You

A hotel is one of those places in the world where everything is about you. They even have kiddie centers and babysitters available to take care of your kids while you enjoy a spa date with your partner. Hotels make sure that you are pampered from the moment you step in the lobby up to the time you leave. That’s what great hotels are known for. The staff there work to make everything comfortable for you. For once in your life, you can be selfish and ask for whatever you need without working for it.

Although many people find hotels impersonal, some like the elegance and obscurity that hotels make them feel. Hotel staff is not like salespeople who walk a step behind you in a boutique. That can sometimes be annoying. Hotel workers know that privacy is important for their guests. They make sure you don’t feel suffocated by their attention while ensuring that you have everything you need. They are also just a call away, so you never have to feel like you have to exert effort to get what you want.

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