What Makes a House Attractive to Burglars

Sometimes, people do things that they don't realize makes them an easy target for criminals. Something as innocent as taking your trash out can make your house look like a goldmine for these thieves.


While you get your security window films from Berkshire or any other place, find out what makes your home attractive to burglars and how you can avoid being a victim.


1. Visible trash


When you prop up empty boxes of flat-screen TVs or high-end surround-sound speakers outside your house, you're setting yourself up as a target for potential criminals who pass by. As much as possible, cut the boxes into manageable pieces and throw them in the recycling bin where no one can see them.


2. Empty house


If nobody is home for the majority of the day, burglars can see this as an opportunity to break into your home. Most thieves watch the house for a couple of days to see what time everybody leaves, and some even knock on the door to confirm that no one is at home before breaking in.


To remedy this problem without having to stay at home to guard the house, you can get a speaker to play random sounds to fake human activity, such as vacuum sounds, TV noise, voice recordings, etc.


3. Unlocked doors and windows


Locking your doors and windows is a pretty obvious way to prevent thieves from breaking into the house, but some people are still careless about it. Unfortunately, the only way to make sure your doors and windows are locked is to make a habit of locking them behind you every time, especially for the back doors and windows that are easy to reach from the ground.


4. Piled up mail


If you're going on a vacation, ask a neighbor or a friend to pick up your mail until you come back. Having piled up mail in the mailbox or newspaper in the driveway is an indicator that no one is home.


5. Not enough lights


Having a dark property provides a lot of coverage for thieves creeping in the night. Thus, a great way to deter these sneaky criminals is to install enough lights in your front and backyard to make sure everything is sufficiently illuminated during the night.


6. Posting vacation photos

Burglar entering to house through balcony window

Not every burglary is committed by a stranger; in fact, about 66% of break-ins are done by a perpetrator who knows the victim, be it a family member, a neighbor, or an acquaintance. So if you're taking a vacation, refrain from posting pictures until you get back home, lest a potential thief on your social media sees it, and takes the opportunity.


7. No fencing


If you want to avoid burglary, make it as difficult as possible for a thief to get into your property. Installing security fences can take care of that. If they see a 6-foot tall fence in your backyard without any climbing aids nearby, they are more likely to give up and move on.


Getting your house broken into can be one of the most traumatic experiences for anyone. Luckily, with these tips, you can easily make your home far from attractive to potential thieves.

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