Surviving a Terrible Toothache Pain

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A lot of us know firsthand the terrible experience toothaches cause. It’s borderline unbearable, and many of us would wish we never had to go through them in the first place. What’s worse, you’re not only holding in pain, but you’re also stuck with it for most of the day and the days to come. This leaves you with no opportunity to concentrate or focus on any other responsibilities. As a result, the small toothache ends up ruining your productivity until you get it solved.

With the pandemic we have right now, we cannot just walk into our dentist’s clinic. We have to book an appointment to avoid overcrowding. But what if that appointment does not come as soon as you thought? Lucky for us, there are remedies we can follow and stay consistent with to address this problem in the meantime. And, despite the excruciating pain you endure, the solutions are rather affordable and accessible.

Why Do They Happen In The First Place?

But, before we move directly to the home remedies, it’s necessary that we pinpoint the cause and understand why toothaches happen in the first place. The last thing you want is to solve this problem only to go through it all over again sometime later down the road. Therefore, it’s crucial that we nip at the bud and get over it as soon as possible.

  • You’ve been lax with your dental care:

    While most people can afford to follow the minimum recommendation of brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing at least once, this isn’t always the case. As a result, people who have slacked off with dental hygiene end up with cavities that cause tooth decay and seep into their gums.

  • A potential wisdom tooth sprouting:

    Toothaches can still happen regardless if you follow good dental hygiene, but it’s not entirely your fault. You could have a potential wisdom tooth sprouting, and it’s growing in a way that’s intrusive on your other teeth and gums. In cases when the pain is too much to bear, it’s better to seek emergency dental services and undergo professional wisdom tooth surgery

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Solution: We Go Back To the Basics

Now that we understand what causes toothaches, we can safely move on to our remedies. In most cases, these ingredients can be easily found in the kitchen.

#1: A Good Clean Rinse

At the end of the day, reducing the pain and inflammation of a toothache naturally boils down cleaning it up with a good rinse. You want to kill all the harmful bacteria and protect the teeth from further infection. Avoid sugary treats in the meantime so that you don’t damage your teeth any further.

  • Sprinkle Some Salt: Ah yes, nothing beats the reliable method of a saltwater rinse. All you need to do is sprinkle some tablespoons of salt into a warm glass of water, mix it up until it dissolves, and gargle it. Saltwater relieves toothache pain because it consists of natural antibacterial properties, but don’t do it too often because it can also dehydrate you.
  • Using Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is home to countless medicinal properties, and while most of us know this to be an ingredient of high-quality skincare products, it’s also perfect for alleviating toothache pain. Combined with both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties makes tea tree oil the perfect toothache solution. Just remember to dilute it with water because it can be very potent, albeit too effective.

#2: Direct Application

Apart from rinsing away all the bacteria, you can also look toward indirect and direct application to alleviate the pain. For example, you can use a cold compress and place it up against your face to reduce inflammation and potential swelling. And, as a warning, do not apply a hot compress because it can have the exact opposite effect and worsen the pain.

  • Garlic is Your Best Friend: If you’re not too fond of garlic, then now might be the right time to change your mind. This simple well-known culinary spice is filled with antibacterial compounds and can help do away with any of the harmful bacteria hurting you. Crush it into a paste, and you have yourself the perfect solution!

#3: Observe Good Dental Hygiene

Last but not least, we always go back to the fundamentals and remind ourselves to observe good dental hygiene. Brush three times a day; once when you wake up, another after your lunch, and right before you go to bed, and floss if need be. We also recommend toning down your alcohol intake and smoking because these can have negative impacts on your overall oral health.

Taking care of your teeth is an important responsibility we all undertake, and resolving toothache pain is equally as important. However, don’t shy away from making an appointment with the dentist when the pain goes beyond your control.

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