Staring At The Clock Is Not Going To Change Anything

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It’s 5:00 AM, and your alarm starts blaring, so you wake up, get your coffee, and head off outside for your morning run. You come back drenched in sweat, tired but satisfied knowing you got your cardio for the day. You pop out the prepped meal, heat it, and start chowing down. However, despite your productive morning, here you are left staring at the clock and asking yourself, “why doesn’t it feel the same?”

We’ve all been there, those moments where we’ve lost our direction in life despite everything being pretty okay from the outside. And while we like to convince ourselves that things will turn out okay if we give it time, this isn’t always the case. So amid modern hustle culture and the world pressuring us to be successful, us dudes are left in a fragile state and our well-being compromised.

So, to address this feeling of being lost, we’ve gathered some adventures you might want to try to reinvigorate passion and inspiration back into your life. And, before you make quick assumptions, we firmly believe you should give each of these a chance.

#1 Take A Page From Lenny Kravtiz’s Book

If you’re no stranger to rock music, then you’ve probably come across Lenny Kravitz and listened to some of his songs. There’s a good chance your a fan of him and for a good reason too! However, we aren’t here to rave about his music career, but rather take a look at how he tackles life at 56 and what we can learn from him.

  • Live A Life of Green: Living the green life is eye-opening and if you care about your health, wish to contribute to the environment, and change for the better, consider going vegan. Lenny loves to go with raw diets and enjoys his greens, and if his body isn’t proof enough of the balance you can achieve, then we don’t know how else to convince you!
  • Get In Touch With Your Musicality: Lenny does all of this so he can redirect his strength and life back into music and keep playing for as long as possible. And that right there is a testament to how life-changing music can genuinely be. So why not take the chance to get in touch with your musicality with all this time stuck at home? Who knows, you might be a sleeping tiger in the talent department.

#2 Mess Around

With the pandemic still making rounds all over the world, you’re going to be at home for the foreseeable future. So, instead of making your everyday life a monotonous chapter, take this opportunity to do things that you wouldn’t usually try. Experiment and do something new!

  • Get Rid Of The Caveman Look: We understand that growing your hair out during this extended time at home seems like the perfect idea. But, not all of us can rock it perfectly. And, frankly speaking, some of us are starting to get in touch with our neanderthal roots more than we’d like. So, why not get your barber to help you get a new look? Or perhaps channel the inner Robert Pattinson and begin styling your hair differently.
  • Work On Your Fit: We are strong advocates of looking fine and overall men’s fashion, but there’s still a large number of men who choose to make an excuse that “they don’t care.” What’s worse, this pandemic is making guys lazy with their drip, so why not take this time to improve your style? Dabble in some Fall Season staples and find out what looks good on you.

#3 Loosen Up With Your Friends

having fun with friends

Lastly, try not to take everything in life too seriously and cut yourself some slack. Don’t give in to all that external pressure telling you to have this amount of money and look this particular way before 40. Remember, it’s your life, and you need to let off some steam now and then.

Our advice, crack a cold one with your friends and loosen up. Life doesn’t revolve around constant planning, deadlines, and endless goals. The world won’t care you if you take a break, and we damn well know you deserve one!

There’s More To Life Than “Success”

To sum it all up, we want you to understand that there’s more to life than just “success,” and far too often, this “success” is external and driven by the expectation of others. So, go back to your roots, learn to live a little again, and try something new to bring back that vigor! And, when the time comes, and you’re sitting with your friends in relaxing hospice care, you can look back at all the fun things you did.

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