Power’s Out: How to Continue the Party on a Blackout

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Despite our best efforts, not all party events go off without a hitch. Some end up with not enough food or drinks for the guests. Some end up with the power suddenly going off, leaving everyone left in darkness.

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage in a party, you know that it’s a huge letdown when everybody’s already having fun. So, if you’re throwing a party in Trinidad or Tobago, be sure that you have your generator ready and repaired to keep the fun going. Here are some more ways you can party on through the night.

Keep the party vibe going

If your party suddenly comes to a halt because of a power outage, it’s important to take the lead and tell your guests to chill because the party’s still on. You need to convince your guests that the power outage will be brief. And if it’s not going to be short, then you need to tell them that you can find other ways to keep the party going.

If you’re partying near a beach, for instance, you can take the party to the water so that your guests can cool off. Of course, just make sure that no one goes to the deep part of the sea. If you’re partying in a resort, you can take the party to the pool. The gist here is that even if there’s an electricity shortage, it won’t prevent you and your friends from having fun.

Feed your guests

Another good way to keep your guests mind off the power outage is to feed them or serve them drinks. If they’ve been dancing before the power went out, it would be a great time to start serving them food because they’ll probably feel hungry. Serving them drinks can also lighten the mood especially if they feel a little buzzed.

Light up the torches


Partygoers will get turned off by the power outage if they can’t see the people in front of them. Total darkness can be a buzzkill to a party, so the best way to keep the party vibe going is to light up your venue with a few tiki torches.

But if you’re partying near the beach, it wouldn’t be much of a hassle if the lights went out. If the moon is out, you just need a few seconds to adjust your eyes to the moonlight and you can keep on partying even when it’s dark.

Entertain in other ways

If there’s no way that you can get power back before the night ends, ask your guests to do something else that wouldn’t require electricity. If they’re open to sitting in a circle around a bonfire and play truth or dare, then good for you because your party will keep on going. If they don’t want to play, ask them what other activities they would want to try out.

Even if the lights go out on your party, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. All you need is a bit of imagination and a lot of positive thinking, and you’ll be able to save your party.

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