5 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Kids

family picnic in garden or park with three children
  •  Have a family picnic in your backyard to spend quality time together and promote green living.
  • Participate in beach cleanups, build sand castles, collect seashells, and fly kites when visiting the beach.
  • Plant a tree together as an opportunity to be creative, enjoy nature, and teach responsibility.
  • Make bird feeders with old items to be creative and help wildlife.
  • Go hiking and camping while teaching kids the importance of environmental stewardship.

Introducing sustainable practices to children can be a fun and exciting way to promote environmental awareness. By engaging kids in outdoor activities focusing on green living, you can help your children understand the importance of caring for the planet. Here are five outdoor activities to help teach your kids the importance of green living.

1. Have a Family Picnic in Your Backyard

A family picnic in your backyard is a great way to spend quality time together and promote green living. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors without going far while teaching your children the importance of caring for and conserving the environment. In addition, if you have a garden, having a picnic with your kids can be an excellent opportunity to teach them about plants and how to care for them.

If you don’t have a garden yet, consider consulting with reliable garden specialists in your area for advice on planning and building one that meets your family’s needs. This way, you can teach your kids the importance of green living while also having a beautiful, relaxing space to enjoy as a family.

2. Do Beach Activities Together

Going to the beach is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature with your kids. There are so many activities to do there besides swimming.

Here are some activities you can do together:

Participate in Beach Cleanups

Beach cleanups are a great way to teach your kids the importance of protecting the environment. You and your kids can get involved with local beach clean-up initiatives or organize one with family, friends and neighbors. Kids will love collecting plastic bottles, cans, pieces of wood or clothing that have been discarded, and it’s a great way to get them involved in preserving the planet.

Build Sand Castles

asian family building sand castle on beach

Building sand castles is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Constructing an elaborate castle out of sand and water can help teach your kids how nature works. Using basic materials can teach them to be creative and resourceful while also getting in touch with nature.

Collect Seashells

Seashell collecting is a great way for kids to explore the beach and learn about different sea life. There are so many shells of all shapes and sizes that you can find scattered along the shore. Give your kids a bucket to collect some of their favorite shells and display them in their room.

Fly Kites

Flying kites is a great way to spend quality time together outdoors while teaching your kids about the power of wind and nature. It’s an activity that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age. So grab a kite and head to the beach for family fun in the sun.

3. Plant a Tree Together

Planting a tree with your kids is an excellent way to promote green living. You and your children can pick out a tree species appropriate for the environment, find the perfect spot in your yard to plant it, get all the necessary tools, and spend quality time together planting it. Not only will you teach them the importance of environmental conservation, but it will also provide your family with cool shade in summer and stunning visuals in fall. Plus, you’ll be able to watch the tree grow over time. This great activity encourages an appreciation for nature and gives your children a sense of responsibility.

4. Make Bird Feeders Together

Making bird feeders is a fun outdoor activity that your kids will love. It’s easy to do and provides a great opportunity for you and your children to be creative. Collect some old items, such as mason jars, milk cartons, and cereal boxes that can be repurposed into feeders. Give each kid their materials and let them choose what they want to design. Fill the feeders with birdseed and hang them in your garden or a nearby park.

5. Go Hiking and Camping

family camping outdoors with fire

Hiking is a great way to get your kids out in nature while teaching them about environmental stewardship. Choose trails that are close to home and plan by doing some research on the area. Pack plenty of snacks, water bottles, and a first-aid kit before you go. Have your children take note of the wildlife they encounter and explain how their actions can impact the environment.

In Summary

Encouraging your kids to be eco-friendly is important in teaching them responsible behavior. By engaging in outdoor activities that promote green living, you can help them develop an appreciation for the environment and a commitment to sustainability. Try some of these activities with your children and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

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