Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping Online

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Online shopping is the greatest invention for people who hate exploring physical stores and trying clothes in cramped fitting rooms. It makes the global market closer and provides easier access to unlimited goodies. With just a click away, you can order your dream fabric sofa from Singapore, buy rare household items, and even groceries. Reading online reviews and checking the store’s ratings are not enough to make you a smart shopper. Make the best purchase decisions by avoiding these online shopping mistakes.

1. Ignoring the refund and return policy

You fell deeply in love with the photo of a cute item online, but sometimes pictures do not represent the actual thing. You might receive a damaged product, a different shirt, or jeans that don’t fit. Make sure to order from websites that offer a generous return policy that will not ask you to shoulder the cost of return shipping.

2. Skipping the product description

Reading the product details is an old shopping rule, but most shoppers hit the check out button without checking the size, color, material, texture, and other relevant information. 83% of mobile users say that product images influenced their purchase decision. But retailers use the best product photography to present an engaging visual. So many times, shoppers get disappointed when the delivered products do not match their expectations. If you don’t read the product description, you might end up ordering a small sofa, thinking that it’s real.

3. Using public Wi-Fi

Public wifi may be free, but using this connection will compromise your data. It is vulnerable to hacks because it doesn’t have firewalls and encryption to block cybercriminals. By connecting to public hotspots, you are putting yourself in great danger and inviting thefts to steal your account details.

shopping online

4. Spaving (Spend to save)

Most shoppers get lured by promotions that promise high rewards, free shipping, and discounts. Many retailers use inviting promotions to encourage their customers to spend more. But the savings you get doesn’t change the fact that you are spending more. It is unwise to buy any product on sale no matter how affordable it is if you don’t need it. If you live alone, do not buy in bulk for the sake of savings. You will not be able to consume it within a reasonable period, and it’s a waste of money.

For some buyers, free shipping is a deal-breaker. But shops that offer zero shipping fees do not necessarily have the lowest prices. They might charge a higher total cost than a store that charges a shipping fee. Do not focus on the potential savings, but on the value of your purchase. If your purchase qualifies you for rewards, treat it as a bonus.

5. Not comparing prices

Some online sellers mislead customers by making a fake list price to make it appear that they are getting a considerable discount. Compare the prices by visiting several e-commerce websites before you hit the “buy” button

Online shopping makes it easier for you to find the best deals without having to leave your home. Make sure to avoid these mistakes so that you’ll be safe from future regrets and disappointments.

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