How much do you know about lip fillers – An introduction to cosmetic dentistry

lip filler

Over recent years, Botox and fillers have become more and more popular for individuals who want to maintain a youthful look for as long as possible. With this increased popularity, fillers are now not only being administered by surgeons but also dentists. Therefore if you are considering having fillers, you may want to visit a dental practice in Harley Street, where one of the dentists will be able to administer lip fillers Harley street.

Facial aesthetics within dentistry

Facial aesthetics refers to the small non-surgical treatments which can be carried out by dentists in order to make subtle enhancements to an individual’s appearance. Due to their knowledge of the facial anatomy which is acquired through training, and their ability to administer dental treatments on a daily basis, dentists are also well qualified to perform treatments within facial aesthetics. In some cases, their knowledge of the face anatomy from the forehead to the chin can put them at an advantage when compared to other medical professionals as they carry out more invasive treatments.

If you are interested in having lip fillers it is advisable to have a consultation before the procedure. This will give you and the dentist an opportunity to discuss the procedure in more detail and any possible risks and side effects that can occur following the procedure.

What are the risks of having lip fillers

Although lip fillers are generally safe, as with all procedures, problems can occur if the procedure is not carried correctly. In rare cases, lip filler treatment can result in scarring or an infection. In some cases, the filler can cause a lumpy appearance or it moves from the intended treatment area. Both cases may then need to be treated or removed with a surgical procedure.

lip filler

So how do lip fillers work?

Lip fillers work by essentially replenishing the hyaluronic acid which is lost as we age. It is the reduction of hyaluronic acid which causes lines and wrinkles to form.

Prior to the lip filler treatment, a local anaesthetic will be administered to the target area by the dentist to ensure that the procedure is as pain-free as possible in order to prevent any discomfort. Once the anaesthetic has been administered the filler is then injected. The procedure can take a few minutes and results can be seen immediately. Following the treatment, it is normal for the affected area to be red, swollen or sore however this should subside after a few days.

Why you should choose a dentist for lip fillers Harley Street

Dentists are considered to be one of the most accurate medical professionals as they regularly inject the gums of their patients when carrying out dental procedures, meaning lip filler treatments are mostly pain-free, comfortable and quick for the patient.

Fillers are not a permanent treatment, and the effects of lip fillers can last between six and twelve months. It is also important to note that in order to maintain the results of lip fillers, it is necessary to have follow up treatments.

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