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Why visit a dentist?

It is important to visit a dentist regularly as this expert will help, guide and provide advice on how to maintain your oral hygiene so that you may minimise the risks that you might experience due to bad dental health. For instance a dentist will help prevent cavities from becoming worse and pause them in their tracks if detected early on and this applies to many potential dental problems. A dentist will examine your mouth and check to detect any presence of cavities, gum disease, early stages of oral cancer, and monitor the state of your previous fillings, oral hygiene and overall dental health.

What are some common dental problems and treatments?

There are different dental problems that can surface throughout someone’s life that will range in variety and severity. These problems include toothache, cavities, stained teeth, impacted teeth, cracked teeth and sensitive teeth among others. There are different treatment options available for these and other dental problems including bridges, crowns, fillings, root canal, veneers, braces and dental implants to name but a few.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics Weybridge is a field of dentistry that remedies malocclusion or the misalignment of teeth. Orthodontics when used cosmetically is aimed to improve an individual’s appearance, but it is more importantly performed to improve the dental function as well. This is where two areas of dental care can overlap, producing benefits to a person’s wellbeing physically as well as mentally.

What does an orthodontist do?

An orthodontist is an expert who specialises in orthodontics. These experts focus on closing wide gaps that might occur between teeth, alignment of tooth tips, straightening teeth, enhancing speech and chewing ability, promoting long-term health of gums and teeth and treating improper bites.

Orthodontics can enhance the aesthetics of the teeth, it can also restore better chewing ability and prevent and protect teeth from damage and decay in most cases.

What are some devices these experts use?


Orthodontic devices are classified into fixed and removable appliances. There are fixed appliances such as traditional braces, fixed space maintainers, and special fixed appliances and then there are removable orthodontic appliances. Under removable orthodontic appliances there are aligners, headgear, lip and cheek bumpers, patella expanders and retainers.

Why see an orthodontist?

If an individual’s jaw or teeth don’t develop as they should then malocclusion can be seen in most cases. This is when an individual’s teeth are misaligned and crooked.

This situation is not classified as a disease as it doesn’t have any impact on physical health. It is merely a variation in the position of one’s teeth. Regardless it might affect the shape of the face, the aesthetics of the mouth and may in the long run lead to embarrassment, low self-confidence and in rare cases even depression.

Orthodontic treatment can help improve protruding front teeth, crowding of teeth, impacted teeth, asymmetrical teeth, steep bite or overbite, reverse bite, underbite, crossbite and spacing.

But it is important not to lose hope as there are a myriad of treatment options available for people who are experiencing such a condition. You no longer need to be worried about misaligned teeth as there are plenty of treatment options available for you. So don’t hesitate to consult a professional and renew your smile to renew your life!

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