Launching a New Product: How to Make Noise for It

Campaign for a product launch
  • Extreme events and appropriate event supplies should accompany product launches to create an atmosphere of excitement.
  • Select a suitable venue for the event and include decorations that reflect the product’s theme or message.
  • Sound equipment and promotional materials will ensure attendees get the most out of the launch.
  • Invite guests interested in the product, influential people, and media personnel to increase hype and publicity.
  • Provide product demos to engage attendees and ensure a memorable experience.

Launching a new product is essential to the success of any business. Whether it’s a one-time release or part of an ongoing series, ensuring the product receives enough attention and hype is critical for generating sales. Advertising not only creates awareness but also helps to establish brand loyalty and cultivate a passionate customer base.

Statistics show that products with more hype generate significantly higher sales than those without. According to Forbes, hype alone can account for up to 90% of total sales of some products. They cite Nintendo’s original Wii launch as an example, noting that its marketing campaigns in 2006-2007 generated unprecedented excitement among consumers, resulting in over 100 million units sold worldwide by 2012.

A successful product launch can be achievable with an intense event, especially with an online launch. Here are a few things you’ll need to create a successful product launch:

Getting the Event Essentials

Planning the product launch event

Having the correct event supplies is essential to having a successful product launch. Having the necessary items ensures that your event runs smoothly and all attendees have a good experience. Creating the atmosphere and stimulation needed to get people excited about your product would be challenging without them. Supplies such as decorations, sound equipment, lighting, seating, catering services, and promotional materials will help make your event stand out.

Event Venue

The event venue plays a crucial role in the success of your product launch. It should be able to accommodate all guests, provide a comfortable atmosphere, and have enough space for activities, decorations, seating, and more. For an online event, having the right streaming platform is also essential. If the event is outdoors, you might want to get generator services to ensure a reliable power source.


Decorations are essential as they will help to give your event a unique look and feel that differentiates it from other events. You’ll need to choose decorations that reflect the theme or message of your product launch. They should also be eye-catching to draw attention and create an inviting atmosphere for attendees. Some ideas for decorations include banners, balloons, streamers, posters, and inflatable figures related to your product or brand.

Sound Equipment

Sound equipment ensures everyone can hear what’s being said at your event – whether it’s speeches, presentations, or music. It’s also essential if you plan to do any live streaming or recording of the event for promotional purposes later. Depending on your venue’s size, you may need multiple speakers and microphones to ensure everyone can hear clearly throughout the space.

Promotional Materials

At any product launch event, attendees must receive promotional materials with information about your product (e.g., brochures). These materials should contain detailed information about what sets this product apart from similar products in the market and instructions on how people can purchase or sign up for updates on the latest news regarding its release date and pricing information. Promotional materials are also great for distributing at trade shows or conventions where potential customers may come across them – thus increasing exposure and, ultimately, sales of your new product!

Inviting the Right Guests

Inviting media in product launch

Getting the right guests to attend your product launch event ensures its success. Inviting those interested in the launched product, such as existing or potential customers, will create hype and excitement. Having people interested in the product attending the launch will increase sales as they will likely spread the word about it.

Having influencers at your event can also be beneficial. Invite influencers from various industries relevant to your product or brand. They can help promote your product through online channels and other media outlets, creating buzz. Additionally, having influential people at your event will boost publicity and drive more people to come and see what all the fuss is about.

Inviting media personnel is another excellent way to make a big noise for your new product launch. Asking journalists, bloggers, and reporters from popular news outlets will allow you to pitch your story directly and get coverage on their platforms. This increased publicity will help create more awareness of your new product, leading more potential customers to purchase it and thus increasing sales revenue.

Practice Product Demos

Of course, providing a hands-on demonstration of the product is essential if you want people to get excited about it. You’ll need to practice the demo and ensure each team member involved in the demonstration knows their part and can answer questions from attendees. You should also develop creative ways to showcase your product during the product launch, such as incorporating interactive activities or inviting special guests who are connected to your product in some way.

Product demos can make or break your product launch, so perfecting them is essential. This will help create a more engaging and memorable event that attendees are likelier to remember and talk about – leading to increased sales success.

Final Thoughts

Launching a new product is an exciting milestone for any business. However, creating hype and excitement around the launch is essential to ensure its success. Advertising, event essentials, decorations, sound equipment, promotional materials, inviting the right guests, and providing product demonstrations are all key elements that will help make noise for your new product. With proper planning and execution of these steps, you can be sure to have a successful launch!

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