How to Maintain Great Skin When You’re Always Indoors

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The recent health crisis has gripped the nation, forcing the government to enact stay-at-home orders. Community lockdowns and similar ordinances are meant to restrict outside movement and prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, staying indoors for a prolonged amount of time can get to you, and you may be curious how it can affect your health.

Keeping your skin free of blemishes and attractive is an important part of staying healthy. Your skin care concerns during this time should focus on maintaining your current regimen, getting enough exposure to sunlight, and reducing stress.

Maintain Current Regimen

You may be tempted to change what you’re doing to take care of your skin during your time indoors. But it’s more advisable to retain your current practices rather than deviate. Your current regimen is addressing whatever your skin needs. If you’re using, for example, Clear Essence lotion by Maxi-Tone why change to a different brand? You no longer have the luxury of buying and testing new products and unless you suffer adverse effects from your current regimen, changing will be time consuming.

However, if you experience any skin ailment or you feel that the current products you’re using are no longer enough, ask your dermatologist before doing anything drastic.

Get Adequate Sunlight Exposure

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Overexposure to sunlight can be hazardous to your health. Heat rashes and sunburns are among the most common effects. But continual overexposure could lead to skin cancer due to an oversaturation of ultraviolet light.

On the other hand, underexposure to sunlight is also dangerous. Vitamin D is produced by the body with the help of sunlight. Lack of sunlight exposure, which you could experience if you spend too much time indoors, can lead to mood swings and imbalanced hormonal activity.

The key is balance. During this lockdown, remember to get just enough sunlight to jumpstart the production of vitamin D but not enough to damage your skin. How can you achieve this balance?

Studies indicate that the best way to get enough sunlight without damaging your skin is to stand in direct sunlight at midday. Spend at least 15 to 30 minutes (depending on your location) under the sun for optimal results. If you are too fair or too sensitive to sunlight, consider taking tablet supplements instead.

Reduce Stress

Being cooped up indoors for a prolonged amount of time can get under your skin eventually. You could experience a large amount of stress because of the health crisis, economic fears, and a host of other anxieties. Too much stress is terrible for your skin, as experts will tell you.

Excessive levels of stress exacerbate skin conditions, like psoriasis and eczema. It can also trigger skin rashes and even painful fever blisters. It’s vital for your skin that you manage your stress when staying at home.

Practice guided meditation techniques and try to get enough sleep during the night. But an easier thing would be to step outdoors for a bit and enjoy nature. Studies have shown that hearing and even seeing natural spaces have benefits to your well-being and could reduce stress, helping preserve your skin.

Taking great care of your skin is an important part of maintaining your health. During this health crisis, maintain every facet of your well-being to ensure that your immune system and body are in top fighting condition.

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