How the Pandemic Is Changing International Education

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As learning institutions reopen and students consider their choices, some students cannot wait to get back to school so that they can graduate and choose the best schools offering international baccalaureate diploma programs (IBDP).

But the IB program is also affected, and many IB schools had to cancel the year-end examinations. Many students are still wondering whether they would be able to earn their diplomas. School and IB officials have promised that students will receive them based on their school performance, even if the exams were cancelled.

One Curriculum Worldwide

The IB program is known for the strength of its curriculum. Students who earn their diplomas can apply to any university in the world and ensure their placement. Many IB schools limit the number of students who can participate, as relatively few students would be willing to take on additional academic studies and additional coursework you might not normally encounter in most secondary schools. For example, the course program can allow students to do original academic work that would show the student’s independence and determination.

The current crisis has only revealed the strength of the program, as many students do not have to worry about their lessons. Most students pursuing an IB diploma are independent learners, but they still need to follow the curriculum requirements.

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International Learning

Though many students are staying home and following lockdown measures, the IB program is making sure that students will receive their scores in July. Schools may need to submit all coursework and grades by April 20, so students can still apply for their college of choice in time. An IB diploma is recognized internationally and can help students gain entry and even credits to their chosen university in whichever country.

If your family lives abroad, it’s best to choose a school with an IB program for your child. That will ensure that when you return to your home country, your children can earn a placement in any school.

IB Schools Go Virtual

Many learning institutions have turned to online learning. Some schools offered options on asynchronous and synchronous learning, as students and teachers might live in different time zones. Administrators had to arrange the teachers’ schedules and provide more one-on-one meetings with students. Home tutors in Singapore are also exploring video and interactive learning materials to help parents and students continue their educational progress. All of these factors not only help unburden parents of documenting their children’s learning but also help teachers assess their performance.

The pandemic has taught the world many things, and one of them is that schools have to harness the Internet and use it as a tool to help students learn, especially if they are involved in an IB diploma program. Many schools have adapted quickly,  and students in international schools have some advantages in that they are more independent when it comes to learning. But they still need the guidance of their IBDP-trained teachers and instructors. Online education may become a part of any IB school’s “new normal” in the near future.

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