Easy Ways to Decorate a Small Bathroom

decorating a small bathroom

Many people feel frustrated that their bathrooms are too small and unappealing. It makes them wish they had a bigger space to lounge and relax on a tub. Admittedly, it’s difficult to spruce up a small bathroom, but it’s not impossible.

Though a bigger space is ideal for putting up decorations and adding some vintage pieces, a small bathroom is easy to decorate. All it takes is creativity, and you need to be smart about how you do it. Here are some simple, practical tips.

Put up a neat wallpaper

If your bathroom lacks style, you can spruce up the walls with a good wallpaper. It will add an element of fun and appeal to your bathroom without overcrowding the space. Sometimes, covering up the walls will do the trick. Who knows, once you put up your new colored or patterned wallpaper, you might not even find the need to add more decorative pieces.

Install hanging shelves

The biggest challenge when it comes to small bathrooms is storage. You have so many towels and tissue rolls you need to keep, but there’s just not enough space in your bathroom closet. And there’s no more room to add another cabinet in there. So what is there for you to do?

Stop focusing on floor space and make use of your vertical space, instead. Install shelves where you can store your bathroom essentials. You can also hang some plants or other decorative pieces for a more personalized look.

Bring plants in

Adding plants to your bathroom will make it look cleaner and fresher. Small indoor plants also make for good decorative pieces. You can place these on shelves or opt for hanging plants that can be mounted on the walls.

Create smart storage

In a small bathroom, you tend to put things on every surface you can find. You may think you’re making the most out of the space you have, but you’re also making your bathroom look untidy and unorganized.

One way you can keep it clean and tidy is by being smart about your storage. Instead of lining up lotions, shampoos, and skincare products on your countertop, find a nice box to put them in to make the countertop look less messy.

Choose a patterned rug

Sure, solid-colored rugs look neat and simple. But you can immediately bring more life to your dull bathroom by adding patterns. Handmade modern floor rugs with geometric or Aztec designs make for great decorative pieces. That way, you can add more variation and design to your tiled flooring.

Frame your mirrors

bathroom window with frame

To prevent your bathroom from looking dull and static, you want to add more texture, starting with your bathroom mirror. Invest in peel-off frames with a wooden or metallic design to add depth to your mirror while boosting its appeal.

A small bathroom is not that difficult to redecorate. Instead of bringing bulky fixtures in, be smarter about how you display your decorative pieces. Even the littlest details can contribute to the overall look of your bathroom.

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