Don’t Forget to Carry These Items When on an Extended Trip

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Traveling for pleasure or business can be a fun thing to do, but more often than not, your personal care routine may go slightly haywire because of the break in your usual schedule. It may not be possible to continue doing certain activities, such as exercising, running, or yoga, which you may be doing daily. Besides all these, your oral health may also get compromised because you are on-the-go, attending client meetings or spending time sightseeing.

To continue taking care of your oral health during your extended business or pleasure trip, here’s a quick list of tips you need to follow:

1. Go for portable products

A toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste are the essentials you need for oral care. Make sure you pack them in your travel bag. You can go for a collapsible soft toothbrush and a disposable floss. These items can be easily carried in your purse or your carry-on bag. Having these items handy will help you keep your teeth clean and prevent the occurrence of tooth decay and other dental issues. You can also check out a teeth whitening light kit, which comes with all the essential items you need to prevent staining of your teeth.

2. Keep your toothbrush dry

It may come as a surprise to many, but your toothbrush can become the breeding ground for harmful contaminants, such as bacteria, fungi, germs, and viruses. This mostly happens when the toothbrush is kept moist for very long. When these contaminants multiply on your toothbrush, you may start facing oral health problems. If that worsens, you may start facing other health issues too. So, it would be best to keep your toothbrush as dry as possible. The moment you reach your destination, take your toothbrush out of your travel bag and keep it upright in a cup.

3. Make sure there’s a circulation of air

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When you pack your toothbrush, you should make sure that it gets enough air. You may keep your toothbrush in a travel kit, but ensure that the kit is large enough to maintain air circulation. The perforated toothbrush cases are quite useful for the purpose. The holes ensure that there are proper ventilation and drainage to keep your toothbrush dry and clean. Also, ensure that your travel kit is clean and dust-free to avoid contaminating your toothbrush, in case you might have to use it during a stopover at night.

4. Eat what’s right for your teeth

When you are on a business or a pleasure trip, it might be difficult to brush your teeth after a meal. A teeth whitening kit proves effective the most only when your teeth are clean. To overcome the problem of bad breath or the fear of any contamination, you can carry some edibles that keep your mouth clean. You can go for sugarless gum containing xylitol to stimulate your salivary glands—something that keeps your teeth clean. Even drinking green tea, owing to its antibacterial properties, can protect your gums and teeth.

These are some pointers you can follow to take care of your oral health while traveling. Following them will surely help you avoid oral complications later on.

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