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For those dentists looking to attract more business to their practice, one of the first steps that they should consider taking is focusing on their digital presence. Most people these days check out a website before booking an appointment, so that they can get the general atmosphere of a place to see whether they would feel comfortable. They may also do this to gather as much information as possible, such as location, people working at the practice, prices and other details which may help them to make a decision.

By advertising the right kinds of details, dentists are more likely to win over those individuals who are sitting on the fence. It can be tricky determining what the right kind of information is, but this is where dental marketing experts are here to help.

With the use of the 7Ps; a traditional technique that has been tried and tested over the years to convert readers into regular patients, dentists are able to connect with their audience virtually with an authentic approach that is proven to work.

Experts have found that by recognising the people who are working in the practice, acknowledging the general price of certain treatments and providing proof of the work that they do, (among other elements), they are implementing some of the most effective tools that a dental practice can use in marketing their business online through their website.

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Why is a website so important?

In a world of social media, some people have begun questioning the effectiveness of a website and whether it still holds any value. Organic Google searches remain one of the main ways in which individuals can source information and this is not always brought up on Google page one through social media platforms.

A website in conjunction with a strong social media presence for both business and its leaders will tick many more boxes for Google’s ranking algorithm. This is going to determine whether a business is to be found through organic search or whether it will drop off the page and only be found through direct searches.

There is also an element of trust that comes with owning and managing a strong and well designed website. People these days expect a strong online presence that goes beyond social media, to prove that they are a legitimate business that cares about their patients.

Testimonials can be forged and when they are not placed in conjunction with other trustworthy elements, such as a healthy and active social media presence and an active website, individuals are more likely to feel distrust towards a brand than anything else.

By working with professionals who know and understand this, dentists are able to make the most out of their marketing strategy both online and offline. By putting their faith in experts who have experience and knowledge in this field, they are able to reach individuals who need belief in them to restore their smile and oral health, making it the best it can be.

It takes a team with a variety of talents to deliver the expertise in dental marketing that a practice will need to reach all the potential patients out there.

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