A Progressive Move: How to Prepare Your Family’s Move to a New Home?

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Americans move from home to home quite often. A study has found that 40 million Americans move every year. That’s equal to 13% of Americans in the US. Many move to another location, but still within the country. Only very few Americans move abroad. Moreover, they move for a variety of reasons, one of which is to reduce the cost of living. Other reasons include new opportunities within the area, better housing, and family reasons such as being close to a distant relative.

Moving is an essential part of a family’s life. Only very few families ever live in the same place. Many families move out, and eventually, their children move out as well. It’s part of the circle of life. However, moving as a family can certainly bring out a lot of stress and hassle in a family.


Scheduling and letting your family know when you’re going to move is the first most essential thing you should do. This should also include other people within your circle, such as neighbors and friends.

Moving isn’t just restricted to your family. Friends and neighbors play an essential part during your move. It’s a social activity that helps bring people close to each other. For instance, your friends might offer to help you move. Your neighbors might also offer the same thing, or maybe even help you sell your old house for you. All of these things are beneficial when moving as a family.

Scheduling when you’re going to move is essential as well. Scheduling can help your family prepare both mentally and physically about the sudden change of environment. This is very important for your children as it will mark a significant difference in their lives. Once you’ve scheduled the day when you’re going to move, you can start the transition to your new life by thinking about the possibilities of living in a new place. Scheduling will also help you plan out your new life, maybe even your career in the near future.

Progressive Parenting

Moving can mark a critical point in your children’s life, especially when it’s going to be their first time to move. It can be very stressful for them even if they don’t show it. This is the best time for you to start explaining to them why the move is happening and why it’s okay to feel bad about it.

Parents that rely on the words “because I told you so” can be harmful to their children’s growth. These words imitate a controlling parent, something that many children a couple of years ago experienced. A controlling parent can disrupt the emotional connection they can have with their children. In worse case scenarios, they can even sever it completely. Being controlling is not going to help your child transition for the move. It’s going to cause them more stress. It’s time for you to talk to them.

Talking it out is one way to emotionally connect with your kids, no matter their age. When you talk to your children, it’s vital that you stay collected. It’s also important to be patient. There are many things that they don’t understand at the moment, and the way they think is primarily centered on themselves, so they can sound selfish at times. Learning how to understand and explain to them that the move can make your lives better as a family. By explaining these things to them and not relying on the words “because I told you so,” you’re creating an emotional connection with your children that’s going to help facilitate your family’s move in the future.

Cleaning It Out

Before you move, you need to scope out your new home. Visit it once in a while and clean out any unnecessary clutter that the previous homeowners might have left behind. If it’s a newly-built home, it’s still essential for you to clean it once in a while. Dust can accumulate on various surfaces, and that could be problematic if your children have allergies. Additionally, it’s also time to hire someone to handle the pests that may be in your new home. This is important if you’re buying a house that has already been on the market for a while. Pests can grow in many locations, especially when no one has lived there for quite some time. Having someone to handle pests even if you have seen no signs of it in your new home is an excellent and proactive way to ensure that no pests will live there in the near future.

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Start Moving Slowly

One of the things you should start doing after you’ve done all of the things listed above is to start moving slowly. This means taking your time to move some furniture and objects from your previous home to the new one.

Moving slowly can drastically decrease the effort and time you need during the day of the move. It can leave more time for you and your family to start settling in. It can also help you get used to the new environment. When moving slowly, make sure that you move the non-essential things first. Moreover, think about some furniture that needs to be replaced. Buying new furniture can be more beneficial instead of moving the old ones into your new home. New furniture can be easier to move, especially if you bought it in a retail store near your new home. Some might even offer to deliver it for you.

A big move to a new home is a crucial time for every American family. It’s also a time when you can finally turn a new leaf in the chapter of your life. Once you’ve avoided the stress of a move, you can finally settle in and enjoy the new life you have in a new world.

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