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The Perfect Postnatal Workout:Mom and Baby Postpartum Exercise Video

You did it! You made it through pregnancy, labor and delivery and now you have a beautiful, healthy baby. Unfortunately, you also have a few extra pounds that you wish would disappear! You've heard that postpartum exercise can greatly increase postpartum weight loss, but how can you find the time to exercise?

The Perfect Postnatal Workout

The Perfect Postnatal Workout:postpartum exercise
No special equipment needed-
just a towel
and a baby!

  • Speed postpartum weight loss
  • Bond and play with your baby while you exercise
  • Look leaner by toning your abs to improve your posture
  • Strengthen your lower back and arms to lift and hold your baby without injuring yourself
  • Tighten and slim your glutes and thighs
  • Condition your pelvic floor muscles to:
    • avoid urinary incontinence
    • avoid prolapse (falling out of place) of your internal organs
    • increase sexual enjoyment for both yourself and your partner

World-class acrobat Karyne Steben, formerly of Cirque du Soleil, shares her secrets for postpartum weight loss in this fun and effective video. Using her daughter, Azia, as resistance for her postpartum exercises, Karyne takes you through 1 short workout for the first month postpartum and 2 15-minute workouts for when you get your doctor's approval to exercise. And just as she answers questions about pregnancy in her previous video, The Perfect Pregnancy Workout, Karyne explains the dos and don'ts of postpartum exercise in an easy-to-understand twelve-minute instructional section.

The Perfect Postnatal Workout:postpartum exercise

The workout starts out easy and gets more challenging as your baby grows, allowing your body to become gradually stronger, leaner and more defined.

Thanks to staying fit during pregnancy and doing postpartum exercise, Karyne was back down to her pre-pregnancy weight and looking great just four weeks after giving birth!

*includes exercise modifications for women
with diastasis recti*

The Perfect Postnatal Workout:postpartum exercise

The Perfect Postnatal Workout is an enjoyable bonding experience between mother and baby, appropriate for any woman who wants to get back in shape after giving birth who has permission to exercise from her doctor. Always exercise care and support the neck when handling your baby. Check with your pediatrician before starting exercises that lift the baby higher than your shoulders.

Teresita Ferrer, M.D. FACOG

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