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Karyne and Sarah Steben

Anyone who's ever seen acrobats perform with a company like Cirque du Soleil* knows that the athletes involved are among the fittest human beings in the universe. Imagine how one of them would handle her fit pregnancy!

Karyne Steben and Baby Azia

Sarah Steben

Karyne and Sarah Steben are the renowned Steben twins, known throughout the world for their daring duo trapeze act. The twins began their training in gymnastics when they were seven years old and progressed to the trapeze at the age of ten, developing the strength, discipline and courage that an act of this caliber demands.

At the tender age of 16, they began touring with the prestigious Cirque du Soleil company, astounding audiences across the globe with their skill and daring. Karyne and Sarah left Cirque du Soleil after 11 happy years to pursue a career in acting. They can be seen in various commercials, music videos and various television programs and films, including starring roles in the HBO series "Carnivále".

In The Perfect Pregnancy Workout
vol. 1
, Karyne is a beautiful 30 weeks pregnant. She gave birth to Azia, a healthy, active girl, without an epidural. During active labor, when the nurse asked her how she was doing she replied, "I love it!" Due to her healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, Karyne was back to her pre-pregnancy weight just four weeks after giving birth- without any decrease in milk supply.

In The Perfect Postnatal Workout, baby Azia is seven weeks old. Less than a week after this video was shot, Karyne was performing again with Cirque du Soleil!

Sarah is also in her 30th week in The Perfect Pregnancy Workout vol. 2. She experienced the birth of her 7lbs. 10 ounce baby boy, Julian, naturally. Just four days after birth Sarah sported her washboard abs and proudly proclaimed that it was all due to yoga!


Elisa Llamido

Elisa Llamido is a dancer, acrobat, marital artist and former stuntwoman with her black belt in Shito-Ryu karate.

When she became pregnant, Elisa began exploring natural childbirth options and stumbled across a little-known secret: belly dance was actually a labor dance that helped to reduce pain and ease the baby into position for birth! She eagerly reseached all things related to belly dance and started putting them together with meditation and visualization techniques that she pulled from her years of study in other disciplines.

The result is this stunning workout which has been described as an energizing, moving meditation. First-time mom Elisa is 32 weeks pregnant in this workout. Using the belly dance techniques she shows in her workout she gave birth to her healthy baby boy, Orion, after only four hours from her first, mild contraction.


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